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You've come this far; I figure you deserve an explanation. Just what the hell do we think we're trying to pull here, eh?!!

Well, aside from the fact that I just wanted to start a movement (all the other kids are doing it!!) It seemed in my opinion a fitting response to the recent turn in the X-files plot.

And now, after the eighth season ended, everyone is sure that it's Mulder's kid. But I don't see any of the steps that are necessary for two people to create life (ask your folks kids) having been taken successfully by Mulder and Scully. Granted, I haven't seen any of those steps between Frohike and Scully, but here lies my point. Nothing on the X-files can be taken as fact by the fans unless we saw it in excruciating detail.

Take Krycek for example. How many times have you thought he bit the big one? Every time he gets infected with black cancer, or buried alive, we mourn the loss of ratboy. But he comes back. Now when CC really wants to kill someone, he gives us a first person pov of the bullet entering his frontal lobe.

So if CC really wanted us to be sure of who William's daddy is, then he would at least spare thirty seconds of dialogue to explain how it happened.

Now if CC does do this, then I've prepared a rough draft of my counter argument: "LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"

Hence the website/movement. Announce to the world that you think its "Just as bloody well likely that the baby's Frohike's!!!" Check out information on how to join the movement on the join page.