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Kt says, It's the LGM get the news pic!

These are actual quotes, which I'm using as "evidence" to support my theory. I did not make these up people, come on I have better things to do with my time than write fake quotes. ::sighs disdainfully, realizing she has no possible way of defending the previous comment::

"Of course."
-Tom aka "Frohike" Braidwood himself, when asked if the LGM new about Scully's pregnancy at a recent sci fi and comic book convention, he was quick to reply.

"It's one of the lone gunmen."
-Chris Carter in an interview w/ Kevin and Bean, when asked who the father was.

"Do you go sneaking around the house on Christmas Eve, trying to figure out where all the presents are hidden? What fun would it be if I told you that the father of Scully's baby was none other than Frohike? Whoops! I've let the cat out of the bag...."
-Vince Gilligan during a chat, when asked repeatedly to reveal who the father was.

"Oh...God no! That'd be...ugly"
-Chris Owens (aka Spender)at a sci-fi convention when someone (aka my friend) stood up and asked him if "Its Frohike's Baby!?" Now at first glance this is a bad answer, but then we must remember, Spender was evil, rigggght?? What would you expect and evil guy to say?!

Send me your quotes!!!