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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you not see "Existence"?!
Yea, I saw it.

And instead of taking down the web page in abashed embarrassment, you updated it?
Yep. I still hold that It's Frohike's Baby.

Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?
You mean magic wall candy?!

What, are we playing questions now or something?!
What's questions?

That game, where everything you say has to be in the form of a question.
You lose.

Sigh. Ok then, I'll bite. Explain to me exactly how it can be Frohike's baby.
Clearly exact, specific explanations aren't called for here. Ha and you call yourself an X-phile, asking for an exact explanation! When someone can explain to me just exactly how Mulder made that kid, I'll worry about my side of the argument.

I think I may believe that It's Frohike's Baby, but I'm not positive. It's all so confusing! I don't want to take a plunge like this without being sure. Should I see my doctor for advice?
Nope! Through the use of sophisticated computer technology and a box of crayons I have developed the patented "It's Frohike's Baby Personality test". All you need do is answer one simple question and you're on your way to better understanding the paternity of Scully's child!

I couldn't agree with you more Max, how do I join the ranks of the noble few who hold that Frohike fathered Scully's kid?
Simple my friend! Just direct your browser over to the Join Us page, and follow the instructions.

ACK! Max, what's with all the colors?
Just trying to liven things up around here. Sorry.

Its ok, just that, you always seemed to be more of a black and white web designer. I still remember the day when The Magic Bullet went from black and white to black and blue. But even the old IFB was black and green. This is just so much.
And now I have officially found someone who needs to get out more than I do.

Do you lie awake in bed at night with your laptop, thinking of witty fake FAQ questions to put on your website?
No. I haven't gotten my laptop yet; right now I lie awake in bed thinking of witty FAQ questions with my Palm IIIc and foldout keyboard.

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