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Its almost like they wrote this episode just so that I would have screen captures to use...

So your in the comfort of your own home, sitting in quiet anticipation on you couch wondering how the hell Chris Carter was going to get out of this one. As the hour progresses Mulder vanishes into a spaceship and Scully winds up in the hospital. You are, understandably, quite distraught. Next scene, hospital, Skinner and Scully. Scully looks to Skinner and tells him, she's pregnant.

Do You...

A) Jump up and run to your computer to write a 45 page fanfic about the future of Mulder, Scully and their son/daughter William/Samantha

B) Enter a state of shock, which has yet to recede since 5.21.00

C) Hop on the next plane to LA and stand outside of CC's house demanding to speak with him.

For those of you who picked A, you'll most likely be offended, read on if you wish, but as always I ask that you not hit me... I'm a bleeder.

For our unfortunate friends who picked C, I want you to know that you have my full support and best wishes for your upcoming series of legal proceedings, and I don't blame you, who'd have thought he'd press charges?

Now, our fairly cool headed friends who choose B, and have been a somewhat catatonic state of disbelief since that fateful day in May, welcome! I suggest you move on to the Mission Statement for a short briefing :)